Tracing Glenn's Steps


Glenn Gould's childhood home on 32 Southwood Drive in Toronto was a short walk from the beach. He often walked Banquo and Nicky, his beloved pups through the park to enjoy the outdoors. This summer The Glenn Gould Foundation, with the help of Bernie (playing the part of Nicky) traced Glenn's steps. Come for a stroll with us!


A young Glenn Gould with Banquo

If you're interested in walking in Glenn's footsteps, check out our Guide to Glenn Gould's TorontoThere is a printable .pdf or an interactive google map that will lead you to all of his favourite haunts.

This video was made using stop motion animation.
Music Credit: Glenn Gould's The Young Maverick: Bach Keyboard Partita No. 5 in G
Photo Credit: Kim McMillan
Video Editing: Kate Foster
With special thanks to Kendal Lander and Bernie