This Saturday, the annual international Jane's Walk event will feature a tour dedicated to Glenn Gould's Toronto, examining the landmarks and institutions that impacted his music, philosophy, and relationship with technology.

Walk leaders Erin Scheffer and Melissa Wong--both knowledgeable PhD candidates in musicology and music, respectively--will explore Gould's creative uses of technology in the recording studio and his ideas about the influence of technology on musical aesthetics and communication, drawing a parallel with his understanding of the relationship between the built and natural environments in Toronto. The walk ends with an optional group lunch at Fran's Restaurant on College Street, the oldest surviving location of Gould's favourite diner.

Saturday, May 4, 11am-12:30pm. Free. Meet at the bench statue of Glenn Gould in front of the CBC building, 250 Front St W.

Jane’s Walk celebrates the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out exploring their neighbourhoods and meeting their neighbours. Free walking tours held on the first weekend of May each year are led by locals who want to create a space for residents to talk about what matters to them in the places they live and work. Since its inception in Toronto in 2007, Jane’s Walk has expanded rapidly. In May of 2011, 511 walks were held in 75 cities in 15 countries worldwide.

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