Leonard Cohen 1934 – 2016

Today all of us at The Glenn Gould Foundation are grieving at the news of Leonard Cohen’s death at the age of 82. Leonard enriched the world with the music of his words, the depth of his insight into the human soul, and the combination of passion, romanticism, irony and lyricism that infused his song and verse.

Remembering Alan Rickman (1946-2016)

The world learned today of the passing of Alan Rickman, a loss with special significance to The Glenn Gould Foundation. Alan Rickman was a consummate actor but also a man of deep social conscience, a dry sense of humour and a seemingly boundless well of kindness and...

Gould’s Goldbergs on Audiophile Glass CD for $1,500!

It is a world in which dedicated music lovers spend seemingly endless amounts of money to hear their favourite recordings played back with more lifelike sound reproduction using everything from tube amplifiers and esoteric loudspeakers to exotic cables and magic fluids. Whether the claimed improvements in sound quality have any scientific basis and really reflect sound reproduction closer to the original source material than is possible with conventional equipment is a source of endless and heated debate. But for the true audiophile there is no skepticism; the answer is objectively clear – it sounds better to them.