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Our Gifts

Our Gifts - A Song by Glenn Gould Our Gifts is one of Gould's earliest surviving compositions. He composed this little song, for two vocal parts with piano accompaniment when he was ten years old and a student at Williamson Road Public School, in the Beach...

New Brunswick Youth Orchestra Dazzles Vienna

The Glenn Gould Foundation congratulates the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra on their stunning performance and top place finish with the highest distinction at the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival and Competition in Vienna! Representing both New...

Decoding Gould on the Radio – Episode Four Podcast

Want to know more about Gould's days in radio broadcasting? In our fourth podcast, staff member Victoria Buchy and special guests Anthony Cushing and Mark Laurie open discussion about Gould's love affair with technology by examining his radio documentary, The Idea of...

Northern Rock: Sudbury Youth Rocks Program Assists Through Music

By Victoria Buchy, Staff

It’s the last session before Easter break, but these young musicians seem far more focused on the song they’re practicing than chocolate bunnies.  With a quick look around their modest rehearsal space, it’s a little piece of rock heaven.  An electronic drum kit, keyboard, a couple guitars, a bass and mics come alive at their touch.  There’s even a stage-light set with coloured gels and a few posters on the beige walls for ambience and encouragement where not so far away from a guitar tabs instruction chart, the four-faces of KISS stand out like the compass rose of rock’n’roll.  I’m in the Sudbury Youth Rocks world.  

Operated under the auspices of The John Howard Society of Sudbury, the program uses the rock band to give local teens who are at risk of conflict with the law or who may not otherwise have the chance to learn an instrument the opportunity to play in a band.  There are no fees to join and instruments are provided on-site at a space in the city’s downtown mall.  Participants get together in a supervised, peer-oriented environment after school to be rock gods in one of three weekly sessions offered all year round.