51sTqsuzVwL._SY300_New CBC Gould web portal set to launch in conjunction with remarkable DVD Collection

September 25, 2011 marks what would have been the 79th birthday of legendary pianist Glenn Gould, and to commemorate this anniversary, CBC will release a comprehensive DVD boxset: GLENN GOULD ON TELEVISION: THE COMPLETE CBC BROADCASTS.

The all-new 10-disc boxset weaves together stunning Gould recordings, intimate interviews and nearly 30 years of footage that honour the life, ideas and many accomplishments of Glenn Gould. With over nineteen hours of content, GLENN GOULD ON TELEVISION: THE COMPLETE CBC BROADCASTS is an unprecedented compilation of previously unreleased full-length programs and documentaries, as well as rare radio broadcasts that truly showcase Gould’s powerful vision.

This remarkable collection of CBC videos will be released by Sony Classical and will be available for purchase on September 27, 2011. GLENN GOULD ON TELEVISION: THE COMPLETE CBC BROADCASTS is currently available for pre-order online at www.cbcshop.ca.

To coincide with the release of GLENN GOULD ON TELEVISION: THE COMPLETE CBC BROADCASTS, CBC will also launch a creative and engaging website devoted to the life of Glenn Gould: www.cbc.ca/gould. A magnificent complement to the DVD collection, the website will offer a wealth of Gould content, and will feature new rare and exclusive video footage, as well as radio programs and documentaries, each month leading up to the 80th anniversary of Gould’s birth, September 25, 2012.


•    Gould’s original cadenza and earliest surviving television broadcast performance “Heure de Concert,” first broadcast on December 16, 1954.

•    A 1954 performance of 22-year-old Gould performing the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1, complete with his own cadenza, a year before his initial “Goldberg Variations” for Columbia Records made him the most famous young pianist in the world.

•    From the Chrysler Festival, originally broadcast on February 20, 1957, the first known television footage of Glenn Gould conducting.

•    Gould and the British broadcaster and biographer Humphrey Burton delivering sage, witty analyses of Bach, Beethoven, Richard Strauss and Arnold Schoenberg.

•    A 1966 interview segment with Alex Trebek beginning with “I detest audiences.”

•    A 1970 filmic expansion of Gould’s radio documentary “The Idea of North,” produced and directed by Judith Pearlman.

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