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Glenn Gould’s legacy and multi-disciplinary work has inspired many to create written pieces, audio and visual projects, tributes and analysis in a variety of formats.

The Glenn Gould Foundation invites the public to share original work for publication on our website and associated social media channels to reach an international audience.

The Glenn Gould Foundation encourages submissions on a broad range of topics and subject areas, not necessarily exclusive to Glenn Gould, which explore creative excellence and innovation in the field of arts, media and technology. We welcome submissions in any language, with an English translation(s) provided.

Short Format Guidelines




Submission Instructions

Written Pieces such as essays, articles, poetry Max 1000 words email .doc or .rtf
Photo essays Max 10 pictures

Email single .pdf less than 8MB.

(Please email for upload instructions for PDF files larger than 8MB)

Video / Animation Max 10 minutes Upload your movie to YouTube as a private video and email the link for review
Audio works for download and/or streaming, including podcasts Max 10 minutes

Acceptable audio formats are limited to .wav or .mp3

(Please email for upload instructions to have your audio work reviewed.)

Artistic portraits, paintings, illustrations, etc. - - - - - Email files liess than 8MB.(Please email for upload instructions for PDF files larger than 8MB.)

Combinations of the above formats to a maximum of 1000 words and/or 10 minutes can also be submitted.

All content creators whose submissions are accepted will receive a copy of Glenn Gould’s Radio Documentaries: Pablo Casals and Leopold Stokowski (2-CD set).

Please read The Fine Print section below and send your submission or request for upload instructions by email with SHORT FORMAT SUBMISSION in the subject line.  Please include your byline and contact information and allow 2 to 4 weeks for a response from the editor.

Long Format Proposals

Creative projects that explore beyond the Short Format lengths and are made exclusively for The Glenn Gould Foundation may be eligible for a $100 CAD honorarium, payable upon publication.

If you wish to make a Long Format Proposal, please read The Fine Print below, and send in your idea by email with LONG FORMAT PROPOSAL in the subject line. Include:

project description with expected length,
You may be contacted by The Glenn Gould Foundation to further discuss your proposal. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for a response from the editor.

The Fine Print

All submissions must be original work, not for commercial or other use, created by the submitting party. We encourage your work, which celebrates Glenn Gould's artistry; however, we do not own his music, videos and photos. If you wish to use Gould's image, or use his music or video in your piece, please let us know prior to your submission so that we can put you in touch with the appropriate rights holders. Content must not in any way infringe upon any intellectual property rights, licenses or copyright, subject to any permission secured in writing prior to publication.

All submissions are subject to editorial review by The Glenn Gould Foundation and, on acceptance, become the property of The Glenn Gould Foundation. Any libellous, sexist or racist or otherwise inappropriate work will not be accepted or published. The Glenn Gould Foundation reserves the right to edit submissions and makes no guarantee that submitted or proposed works will be accepted or published. You will be notified of acceptance by email and will be required to sign the accompanying Submissions Agreement.

By making a submission to the Glenn Gould Foundation, you warrant that you have read and understood these Guidelines.

Questions? Email us or phone +1 416.962.6200.