Mixing high art with pop culture, entertainment with education, this two-day event is a new inter-disciplinary, multimedia creative summit combining performances of all types with technology and talk. Each day as many as 25 ‘dreamers, renegades and visionaries’ will present new work, new interpretations and unexpected collaborations – all inspired by the creative brilliance of iconic Canadian musician Glenn Gould.

The conference features many headline guests including Norman Jewison and Atom Egoyan, pianist Lang Lang, choreographer Marie Chouinard, pop musician Chilly Gonzales, theatre artist Robert Wilson with philosopher Mark Kingwell, copyright activist Cory Doctorow, NGO leader Johann Olav Koss, music producer Bob Ezrin, futurist Ben Goertzel and many more to enlighten audiences with their work, their stories and their ideas. 

The conference runs from September 22-23 at the University of Toronto.  For more information and tickets, visit www.glenngouldvariations.ca and check out this month's WholeNote Magazine in Toronto for the featured article.  

The Glenn Gould Foundation is a supporting partner of Dreamers Renegades Visionaries: The Glenn Gould Variations.