On Monday May 10, The Glenn Gould Foundation is proud to feature the exclusive world premiere of Pilgrimage to Solitude, a film by Mark Laurie.   

Pilgrimage to Solitude is an experimental documentary that explores significant landscapes from the life of the late Canadian pianist, composer, and writer, Glenn Gould.  The film's soundtrack adopts a sonic technique pioneered by Gould himself in his influential series of sound documentaries, the "Solitude Trilogy": the layering of voices which he called "contrapuntal radio."  Deriving its structure from Gould's most famous documentary, The Idea of North (1967), the film presents four of Gould's friends and colleagues (William Littler, Margaret Pacsu, Vincent Tovell, and Lorne Tulk) sharing their firsthand experiences of the enigmatic and legendary musician.  They discuss, debate, and reminisce about Gould, the absent figure in the landscape.  

The film will be available to view online with an accompanying Director's Note from Mark Laurie.  We encourage viewers to share their thoughts and impressions of the film in an email to info@glenngould.ca  and by joining us on Facebook.