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The Gouldian Finch  

From the artist:

This pencil drawing is a symbolic representation of the contrast between an outward image and a true inner charisma of one’s personality: the character that manages to manifest itself perhaps only in the third party’s eyes.

Perched on a skeleton’s forefinger is a Gouldian Finch with semi-transparent light bulb fixed above its head.  Gouldian Finches are very colorful birds, and their stunning rainbow-colored exterior has been the attraction for bird lovers around the globe making the birds popular as pets for many years.

In this piece, however, the finch’s most relevant characteristic is entirely overlooked in order to signify the creature’s unawareness—the light bulb—of its own polychromatic beauty.  Such is the situation with Glenn Gould, best known as one of the most celebrated world’s classical pianists in the Twentieth century, whose wondrous legacy profoundly inspired this piece of artwork.

Loathing bright colors of any kind and much preferring gloomy cloud-filled skies enigmatic Glenn Gould was utterly oblivious to his own vibrant aura, abundant with radiant colors, that was sparked by the perfectly-controlled chaos of his great musical brilliance.  It is needless to say that his colorful gift keeps us audience enthralled nearly three decades after the musician’s untimely death.

The skeleton hand was drawn based on a reference image captured from a documentary on Gould, namely the series of X-ray images of a hand: to whom it belongs is unclear.

The piece was created in 2011 and is 6 x 9” in size.

Yuka Zuver is a Japanese-born, self-taught graphite artist.  Over the past few years, she has focused her drawing skills largely on portraits and has had her work featured all over the world. 

In 2008, she was commissioned by The Glenn Gould Foundation to create portrait works for the Eight Glenn Gould Prize Laureate, Dr. José Antonio Abreu and The City of Toronto Protégé Prize winner, Gustavo Dudamel.  The pieces were presented in October 2009 at the prize gala concert.

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