From the publisher and author:

Glenn Gould, Reflections on Music, the first Greek publication on the Canadian icon, is also the first ever easy-to-read, concise anthology of Gould’s writings and a distillation of his legacy with excerpts from lectures, essays, articles, liner notes, radio and tv scripts, letters and interviews. Specially selected, translated and annotated by Stefanos Theodoridis for their lucidity and magnitude, these writings, ranging from 1954 to 1982, reveal Gould's aesthetic and moral universe, through which he still, 30 years after his death, manages to emerge as a major thinker, in spite the excessive focus on his eccentric personality.

With disarming sincerity, wit, self-sarcasm, insight and his trademark personal ethos, Gould still manages to put the moral and spiritual aspects of music back on the map, inviting and provoking musicians and music lovers to re-evaluate and re-think on the great masters, the great works, the concert system, the composer-listener-interpreter triangle, the media, technology, music’s mission, its history and future, always via his own heretic – but in many ways orthodox too – prism. Glenn Gould, Reflections on Music is the perfect introduction to one of art’s most fervent apostles’ voice, one much-needed in this overtly materialistic age of ours.

The book, published by Nefeli publishing, one of the most esteemed Greek publishing houses, was presented in late November 2012 at the Onassis Cultural Centre in a special 3-day tribute to Glenn Gould – part of a months long series of celebrations honouring the 70th anniversary of Canada-Greece diplomatic relations, which included a screening of Glenn Gould's Toronto (a Greek premiere), a panel talk with James Oestreich and Nikos Pilavachi, and a recital by Canadian pianist Marika Bournaki.

The much anticipated book has been considerably talked about in classical music circles, social media and the press, having received wide media coverage and rave reviews referring to “a fascinating book… it delineates his idiosyncratic personality and clarifies many of the aspects that all those interested in Gould would like to know.” Another review reads: “When a translator admires so much the material he embarks upon translating in Greek, understands the content language of his material in such depth and has dealt at such length with all its aspects, as in the case of Stefanos Theodoridis… the result can only be exemplary… Gould, with a few decades delay, at last invades in our libraries and invites us to plunge into his psycho-intellectual universe, into his sober, crystalline, analytical thought, his vibrating (oral and written) language”.

Glenn Gould, Reflections on Music has just been nominated in Greece for a National Literary Translation Award and quickly outsold its first print run, an outstanding feat considering the current financial crisis – Greece’s worst since World War II.  The book is also available internationally from

Stefanos Theodoridis is a musician, translator of classical music books, piano pedagogy researcher and passionate Glenn Gould scholar living in Athens, Greece. His ongoing Glenn Gould research will hopefully result in further Gouldian publications.  For more information on how to support Stefanos' academic research work in Canada and abroad, send him an email