Photo by Jock Carroll

Today marks the 80th anniversary of Glenn Gould's birth and around the world music lovers and admirers have joined in celebrations, tributes and performances to mark this unique artist, communicator and thinker, whose legacy continues to resound with passion, intensity and freshness.

We invite our readers to take a few minutes to think about the contributions and implications of Glenn Gould's life and work. Take a few minutes to listen to your favourite recording, check out some of the great on-line resources, read a Gould article. How different the musical and creative world is today because of Gould!

And, we invite you to help us carry the legacy forward by helping us select the next laureate of The Glenn Gould Prize.

An international symbol of creative excellence, The Glenn Gould Prize is awarded biennially to a living individual for a unique lifetime contribution that has enriched the human condition through the arts.  A tribute to Glenn Gould’s artistry and his multifaceted contributions to culture, the prize promotes the vital connection between artistic excellence and the transformation of lives.  

Click here for the nomination guidelines and submit your nomination today! Nominations close December 15, 2012.