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The Toronto Reference Library currently has Spring 1996 to Spring 2004 available for in-library use.


 Magazine Abstracts

Volume 13, Number 2 - Fall 2008
• "How Mozart Became a Bad Composer" A Television Program by Glenn Gould
• "Mozart: A Personal View" Glenn Gould in conversation with Bruno Monsaingeon
• Glenn Gould Remixed: An "Acoustic Choreography" for Scriabin's Piano Sonata No. 5 by Paul Théberge
• Glenn Gould in Performance: A Documentary History - Part 3, 1947-1950
• "A Romance on Three Legs Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano" (excerpts) by Katie Hafner
• New books in English and French
• The 2008 Glenn Gould Prize: José Antonio Abreu

Volume 13, Number 1 - Spring 2008
• The "Year of Glenn Gould"
• Glenn Gould Place
• An Evening with Glenn Gould by John McGreevy
• "Variations on Gould" - a CBC radio festival
• "Glenn Gould: The Sounds of Genius" - an exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
• "Glenn Gould and the Future of Music" - a conference at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
• Gould, McLuhan, and the Recording Studio by S. Timothy Maloney
• "Air of Another Planet": Glenn Gould's Modernist Mission in Moscow and Leningrad, by Jame K. Wright
• Gould, McLuhan, and Soseki: A Japanese Resonance, by Jinichi Miyazawa
• Glenn Gould and the Russians: Then and Now - A Filmmaker's Impressions, by Yosif Feyginberg
• Muzak, Music, and Monologues: The Mind of Glenn Gould as Revealed in His Radio Documentaries, by Piers Plowright
• The 2008 Glenn Gould Prize
• A new portrait of Glenn Gould painted by Yana Movchan
• The Glenn Gould Foundation benefit concert

Volume 12, Number 2 - Fall 2007
• Glenn Gould on Vladimir Horowitz: Excerpts from a conversation with Glenn Plaskin
• "Glenn Gould's Hysteric Return": A recently recovered manuscript from the Library and Archives Canada
• Glenn Gould über Joann Sebastian Bach
• Glenn Gould behind the Wheel
• Rondo in D Major: A piano piece by Glenn Gould
• The Glenn We Knew by Jon Maxwell and Harvey Rempel
• Glenn Gould in Performance: A Documentary History - Part 2, 1943 - 1947
• Evocation: An abstraction by Reginald Godden

Volume 12, Number 1 - Spring 2007
• The Odd, Restless Way of Glenn Gould: The Angry Young Maestro Plots a Future Away from the Concert Circuit
• Obituary: Florence Greig Gould
• Goddard as Mid-Atlantic Man
• Glenn Gould in Performance: A Documentary History - Part 1, 1983-1943
• People v. Barbara Moore by Kevin Bazzana
• Glenn Gould in (Re-) Performance: Zenph Studios and the 1955 Goldberg Variations
• In Search of Alberto Guerrero, by John Beckwith, with an excerpt from the book
• Glenn Gould Hereafter, directed by Bruno Monsaingeon

Volume 11, Number 1 - Spring 2005
• Glenn Gould interviewed by Ted Viets (1957)
• Music in Our Time: Scripts for Glenn Gould’s CBC television series (1974-77)
• “The Age of Ecstasy: 1900-1910”
• “The Flight from Order: 1910-1920”
• “New Faces, Old Forms: 1920-1930”
• “The Artist as Artisan: 1930-1940”
• The reviews-and an exchange with Dennis Braithwaite
• The unproduced programs-with facsimilies from Gould’s private papers
• “Glenn Gould’s Steinway Pianos: Historic Documents and Working Instruments” – by Robert Barclay
• Vincent Tovell
• The 2005 Glenn Gould Prize laureate – André Previn

Volume 10, Number 2 - Fall 2004
• The Schoenberg Series: Scripts for a ten-part CBC radio series by Glenn Gould (1974) continued...)
• Part 6 – The Symphonist (Part 2)
• Part 7 – The Dramatist
• Part 8 – The Transcriber: Schoenberg and the Past
• Part 9 – The Teacher: Schoenberg and the Future
• Part 10 – An Epilogue

Volume 10, Number 1 - Spring 2004 (Not available for order)
• The Schoenberg Series: Scripts for a ten-part CBC radio series by Glenn Gould (1974)
• Part 1 – Gould’s Favourite Schoenberg
• Part 2 – Liederabend
• Part 3 – The Inventor
• Part 4 – The Crusader
• Part 5 – The Symphonist (Part 1)
• "Gould, McLuhan, and the Fate of the Acoustic" by Richard Cavell
• "Remembering Niki" by David Goldbloom

Volume 9, Number 2 - Fall 2003 (Not available for order)
• Glenn Gould interviewed by Eric McLean (1956)
• "A Piano Lesson with Glenn Gould"
• "Music for Millions" - Radio script by Glenn Gould, with an introduction by John P. L. Roberts
• "—love letters to Dell—" - From the private papers of Glenn Gould
• A Merry Thought - A composition by Glenn Gould
• "The Wands of Youth" and "A Season on the Road" - Two unfinished articles by Glenn Gould
• Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould - Excerpt from a new biography by Kevin Bazzana

Volume 9, Number 1 - Spring 2003
• Prelude, Cantilena and Gigue - A composition by Glenn Gould
• The Scene - Glenn Gould on competitive sport
• Ten Minutes with Glenn Gould – A conversation with Vincent Tovell
• "A Pianist's Hand: The Implications of the Secret Diaries of Glenn Gould" by John P. L. Roberts
• Sonata for Piano - A composition by Glenn Gould

Volume 8, Number 2 - Fall 2002

• The Psychology of Improvisation - A radio script by Glenn Gould
• String Trio - An unfinished composition by Glenn Gould
• "Me and Glenn Gould" by Keith MacMillan
• Berg’s Piano Sonata, Op. 1 – Glenn Gould’s liner notes for Hallmark RS3
• Ravel's La Valse - Excerpts from Glenn Gould's annotated score
• “Glenn Gould, Jean Le Moyne, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Common Visionaries" by Matthew McFarlane

Volume 8, Number 1 - Spring 2002
• Mostly Music - Glenn Gould in conversation with Barclay McMillan
• Where Music and Film Meet - Glenn Gould in conversation with Norman McLaren
• Our Gifts - A song by Glenn Gould
• "Glenn Gould and the Art of Fugue" by Sean Malone
• 2 Pieces for Organ - An unfinished composition by Glenn Gould
• The 2002 Glenn Gould Prize laureate – Pierre Boulez

Volume 7, Number 2 - Fall 2001
• Glenn Gould: Concert Dropout – In conversation with John McClure
• "On Keyboard Instruments" by Glenn Gould
• Variations in G minor: Sketch for a piano piece by Glenn Gould (1949)
• Glenn Gould interviewed by Hugh Thomson (1958)
• Glenn Gould and Artur Schnabel

Volume 7, Number 1 - Spring 2001
• Glenn Gould in Russia: Newly discovered documents from the archives of Canada's Department of External Affairs (1955-1957)
• On Bach's Goldberg Variations: Glenn Gould in conversation with Tim Page (1982)
• "Glenn Gould: The Last Months" by Tim Page
• Glenn Gould at the Stratford Festival: Five previously unpublished program notes (1955-1963)

Volume 6, Number 2 - Fall 2000
PART TWO of a special volume devoted to the Glenn Gould Gathering: Perspectives on the Man and the Musician.

Volume 6, Number 1 - Spring 2000
PART ONE of a special volume devoted to the Glenn Gould Gathering: Perspectives on the Man and the Musician.

Volume 5, Number 2 - Fall 1999
"Glenn Gould at the Stratford Festival, 1953-1964" by Brandon Flowers
On Glenn, a play by David Young, with contributions from David Young, David Prosser, and Geoffrey Payzant and reviews of the 1999 Stratford Festival production

Volume 5, Number 1 - Spring 1999
• "Presence of Glenn Gould: The Italian Perspective" by Damjana Bratuz, with reviews of Gould’s concerts in Italy (1958)
• "Glenn Gould and Jazz" by James G. Shell
• "Tempo, Form, and Counterpoint: Notes on a graphic analysis of Glenn Gould’s two recordings of the Fugue in F-sharp Minor from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II" by Leigh Aspin
• Glenn Gould on Scriabin: CBC Radio Commentary from 1969
• "The Farmer and the Farmer's Wife": Sketch for a song by Glenn Gould
• Glenn Gould in London: Concert reviews (1959)
• Stephen Willis: In Memoriam

Volume 4, Number 2 - Fall 1998
• "Bach's Keyboard Partitas: A Conversation with Glenn Gould"
• "The Aftermath of Breton" by Glenn Gould
• "Boy at a Piano Breaking All the Rules" by Pierre Berton
• Glenn Gould interviewed by Pat Moore (1964)
• On Beethoven's "Hammerklavier" Sonata: Broadcast commentary and a letter, by Glenn Gould
• The Daily Woof - The Animals Paper by Glenn Gould (juvenilia from ca. 1941)

Volume 4, Number 1 - Spring 1998
• “Glenn Gould on Recording”
• Two book chapters by Piero Rattalino
• Glenn Gould in Europe and Israel: Concert Reviews (1957-1959)
• Glenn Gould and China: Letters from Gould and Lawrence Lee
• Sketch for a cadenza for Mozart's Concerto No. 24 in C Minor, K. 491 (1958)
• Lois Marshall and Glenn Gould
• "Glenn Gould: The Performer in the Work" by Kevin Bazzana: Review by William Aide, with two excerpts from the book

Volume 3, Number 2 - Fall 1997
• "Glenn Gould's Idea of North: The Arctic Archetype and the Creation of a Syncretic Genre"
• "Glenn Gould and the Russians" by Sofia Moshevich, with concert reviews from Gould's tour of Russia (1957)
• "Glenn Gould in Sweden" by Jorgen Lunchmark
• "Glenn Gould in Japan", with Gould's broadcast commentary on Natsume Soseki (1981)
• "Glenn Gould" The Ecstacy and Tragedy of Genius" by Peter F. Ostward; Review by Dr. David S. Goldbloom, with Chapter 1 from the book

Volume 3, Number 1 - Spring 1997
• At Home with Glenn Gould, a conversation with Vincent Tovell (CBC Radio, 1959)
• Glenn Gould's CBC Questionnaire from 1952
• "Memories of the Toronto Symphony" by Glenn Gould
• Music at the Stratford Festival: Two articles by Glenn Gould
• "Master Glen Gold" by John Beckwith
• "'So You Want to Write a String Quartet?': Glenn Gould's Opus 1" by Robin Elliott
• "A Short History of The Glenn Gould Foundation" by John P. L. Roberts

Volume 2, Number 2 - Fall 1996
• Glenn Gould on "Transcribing Wagner" (1973)
• John Beckwith on "Glenn Gould, The Early Years: Addenda and Corrigenda"
• Dale Innes on "Glenn Gould and the Goldberg Variations"
• Drawing of Gould by Al Hirschfeld (1992)
• Two articles by Jacques Drillon: "Glenn Gould and the Franz Liszt: The Piano Above All" and "Gould's Gould Cult"
• Johanne Rivest on "Glenn Gould and John Cage in Counterpoint"
• More on the 1996 Glenn Gould Prize

Volume 2, Number 1 - Spring 1996
• Glenn Gould on Fartein Valen, on "Forgery and Imitation in the Creative Process" and in conversation with Andrew Marshall (CBC Radio, 1978)
• Gould's arrangement of the Prelude from Handel's Suite for Harpsichord in A Major
• Jean-Jacques Nattiez on "The Language of Music in the Twenty-First Century: Gould as precursor of Post-modernism?"
• Review of Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould
• Portrait of Gould by Yousuf Karsh (1957)
• The 1996 Glenn Gould Prize Winner: Toru Takemitsu

Volume 1 - Fall 1995
• Glenn Gould on Anton Webern and Sviatoslav Richter, and in conversation with Martin Meyer
• Carl Morey on editing Gould's compositions for publication
• Jacques Hétu on Gould's recording of his Variations pour piano
• Sketches for a cadenza (1956) and a transcription (1982)
• Portrait of Gould by V. Tony Hauser