I was fourteen and I started to play one of the English Suites of Bach and to help me better understand the meaning of the work, my teacher took a disc from his library; on the cover there was a beautiful boy, with tousled hair and his hand on his lips, in an ironic and light-hearted expression, which seemed to smile at me.

Since that day, my passion for Glenn Gould has become an inspiration for me in my efforts as a classical pianist, as a fashion model and as a scholar in the field of new media.

Currently I am working on a project started at university which combines classical music, video and storytelling inspired by the Glenn Gould’s innovative ideas on technology.

To that end, I've shared a video on YouTube directed by Alberto Collini to pay homage to the famous Goldberg Variations, playing a four hands with the orchestra conductor Beatrice Venezi. The video is our tribute to the great Canadian pianist, whose ideas have the power to inspire new generations.

I would like to thanks The Glenn Gould Foundation for their work in celebrating this artistic legacy, and Glenn Gould - the friend who is always with me . . .


Contributed by Alida Bruzzone Altemburg, Italian model, pianist and publicist who has been a lifelong Glenn Gould fan and friend of the Foundation. To read more on her, visit her website here, or follow her on Facebook here.