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The Glenn Gould Prize is awarded to an individual for a unique lifetime contribution that has enriched the human condition through the arts.  Each Glenn Gould Prize Laureate also chooses an outstanding young artist to receive The City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize.

2015 - Philip Glass

A fearlessly innovative, collaborative and prolific composer.

RLepage2-crdit Julie Perreault

2013 - Robert Lepage

Theatrical revolutionary and technological visionary.


2011 - Leonard Cohen

Transcending national boundaries and cultures with his poetry and music.

Abreu Laureate Photo 4x6

2008 - Dr. José Antonio Abreu

Changing young lives through the transformative power of the orchestra.


2005 - Sir André Previn

Shattering boundaries between music and media.

Pierre Boulez

2002 - Pierre Boulez

Pioneering electronic music as an art form at his IRCAM institute.


1999 - Yo-Yo Ma

Bridging East and West cultures with the Silk Road Ensemble to create universal harmony


1996 - Toru Takemitsu

First Japanese composer to conquer the Western concert stage.


1993 - Oscar Peterson

Blues and jazz meets civil rights through youth mentorship and the Freedom Song.


1990 - Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Violin virtuoso supporting musically gifted children in a uniquely nurturing school.


1987 - R. Murray Schafer

Fusing theatre, mythology and environmentalism with classical music and performing art.

All laureate photos by John Reeves with the exception of the Toru Takemitsu image.  Robert Lepage image by Julie Perreault.