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Leonard Cohen has maintained a visual art practice since his early days in Montreal and Hydra. “Artworks” was a rare exhibition of 40 uniquely expressive lithographs revealing yet another creative manifestation of Leonard Cohen’s poetic vision. Some 300,000 passersby took in this special collection in the stunning Allen Lambert Galleria in Brookfield Place downtown Toronto.

Purchasing Information - Portion of Sales to The Glenn Gould Foundation

Until the end of 2012, a portion of print sales inspired by this exhibition will be donated to The Glenn Gould Foundation. When ordering, please mention Artworks in Toronto as part of the Glenn Gould Prize, and thank you for your support!

Download a pring/print guide here and visit the complete online gallery at www.leonardcohenfineart.com

To make your purchase, contact:
Petit & Associates
390 South Craig Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91107





The Ninth Glenn Gould Prize Celebrations

The Glenn Gould Foundation programmed a series of free events in celebration of iconic singer, songwriter, poet, artist and novelist Leonard Cohen, the Ninth Laureate of The Glenn Gould Prize.

The Ninth Glenn Gould Prize Events were presented by

Ninth Prize Event Sponsors

The Glenn Gould Foundation would also like to acknowledge Brookfield Place for their support.