Ukrainian-Canadian painter Yana Movchan creates the first new portrait of Glenn Gould in almost a decade!

TORONTO – The Glenn Gould Foundation proudly announced the exhibition of Yana Movchan’s stunning new portrait of Glenn Gould at Yorkville’s Liss Gallery. The portrait, commissioned by The Foundation to celebrate The Year of Glenn Gould, is the first major new piece of Gould iconography in almost 10 years. It will be on display for art lovers and Gould admirers until it is auctioned by sealed bid on February 12, 2008. An exclusive number of artist-signed Giclée Collector’s prints are also available for purchase through The Foundation.

The year of 2007-2008 has been titled The Year of Glenn Gould as it marks three major anniversaries: the 75th anniversary of his birth, the 50th anniversary of his performances in Moscow and Leningrad and the 25th anniversary of his tragically premature death. With so many significant anniversaries it is only fitting that this is the year to celebrate the genius of Glenn Gould. Movchan’s painting was first unveiled at the dedication of Glenn Gould Place in Toronto’s Metro Square on September 25, the 75th anniversary of Gould’s birth.

As a leader in the promotion of Canadian and International Art, the Liss Gallery features original paintings, photography, sculpture, and limited edition prints. Due to its esteemed locale and high profile collections, it seemed obvious that Liss was the ideal location to display this magnificent new piece.

The commission of this masterful portrait is just one of the many celebrations of Glenn Gould as an artist and perceptive genius who foresaw the transforming role of communications technology on art and society and Gould as a Canadian icon. Other celebrations include, special presentations sponsored by the Foundation to help open the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s major exhibition, Glenn Gould and the Sounds of Genius and the Eighth Glenn Gould Prize.

Yana Movchan, is an award winning artist born in Kiev, Ukraine. Movchan moved to Toronto, where her first exhibit in 2001 was held at the First Canadian Place Gallery. She has since exhibited her work all over the world, from her native Kiev, to London, England to Prague. Currently residing in Halifax, it was only fitting that with Movchan’s unique portrait work, she was the best fit to create a distinctive portrait of Glenn Gould.

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