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Eccentric Genius: Is it Time to Rethink the Cult of Glenn Gould? (09/24/2012)

Podcast on WXQR radio show Conducting Business asking what Gould represents to a music business hungry for the larger than life personalities and increasingly changed by the technology that he foreshadowed. Conducting Business also considered the results of their listener poll on Glenn Gould. Joining us are three guests:

Colin Eatock, author of the new book Remembering Glenn Gould. He also writes about music for Toronto's Globe and Mail.
Brian Levine, executive director of the Glenn Gould Foundation.
David Patrick Stearns, classical music critic of the Philadelphia Inquirer and a writer for WQXR’s Operavore blog.

The Art of Fugue, by Johann Sebastian Bach - Performed by Dr. Penny Johnson

Penny Johnson


Glenn Gould Prize Laureates - Acceptance Speeches


Leonard Cohen, Ninth Laureate (2011)


Dr. José Anotnio Abreu, Eight Laureate (2008)


Sir André Previn, Seventh Laureate (2005)


Pierre Boulez, Sixth Laureate (2002)


Yo-Yo Ma, Fifth Laureate (1999)


Toru Takemitsu, Fourth Laureate (1996)


Oscar Peterson, Third Laureate (1993)