Friend of The Glenn Gould Foundation, French Comic Book Artist Sandrine Revel, released an illustrated biography of Gould this week in France. The new biography delves deep into the life of the pianist, starting with childhood. It explores his career and eccentricities using beautiful full colour illustrations, making the plot easy to follow, even for the non-Francophones.

“Stay with me but keep your distance,” is how Glenn Gould's relationships with his friends has been described. He was not easy to live with, but in the wonderfully endearing view of Revel, any criticism towards his attitudes or personal choices fades away.

Gould lived a life of contradictions: passionate, funny and charming anecdotes float about in the virtuosic style of this great mind. His childhood memories were forever circling, and the ever-present themes of death and music are explored in this introspective biography. It takes the reader on a voyage deep into his soul and life of solitude. For Glenn Gould lovers and newcomers alike, it is a beautiful voyage into the mind of a genius.


Available today for pre-order in Canada, French comic book artist Sandrine Revel's newest work Glenn Gould Une vie à contretemps is not to be missed. Read more on Sandrine and her work here.

French press release here.