Jevgenij Goldin
Glenn Gould plays Bach
Oil on canvas, 40x40 cm

I'm one of the many people around the world who admires the work of Glenn Gould.  I was impressed by Glenn Gould playing The French Suites of J.S. Bach and was inspired to create this painting.  As a painter who works mainly in the abstract style, this work is my subjective impression of Gould's interpretation of Bach's music.  

Jevgenij Goldin was born in Moscow in the former USSR and later settled in Hannover, Germany.  He has been passionate about painting since his childhood.  Over the years, he trained himself in the visual arts while pursuing other careers including psychology, project-management and executive management.  In 2011, Goldin decided to dedicate all his time to painting. He currently lives and works between Moscow and Hannover.