An Agent for Social Change:  The Legacy of The Glenn Gould Foundation’s Celebration of Music, October 2009

By Penny Johnson, GGF Contributing Author

The Celebration of Music Week was a tremendous success with over 20,000 individuals in attendance  to honour the Eighth Prize Laureate, Dr. José Antonio Abreu. In fact, Dr. Abreu was so inspired by his Canadian experience, he called for the creation of a Venezuelan-Canadian Youth Orchestra and has asked The Glenn Gould Foundation to help in its establishment.  The invitation reflects Glenn Gould as an icon of international achievement and serves to the lasting impact of the Celebration of Music Week for both Canadians and Venezuelans. 

The Glenn Gould Foundation is immensely proud of the innovative partnerships and cross-cultural impacts of the events.  The Foundation will continue to chart a course of global stature for  The Glenn Gould Prize as a symbol of excellence and international recognition as the world’s pre-eminent arts award.

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