The Glenn Gould Foundation acknowledges the tremendous work of former President Mr. Glenn Morley and welcomes Mr. Gary Goldberg to the position.  

Mr. Morley has been serving at the Foundation since 2004 and assumed presidency in 2007 to guide milestone celebrations for Dr. Antonio José Abreu, Eighth Glenn Gould Prize winner and Leonard Cohen, Ninth Glenn Gould Prize winner.  Mr. Morley remains on the Board of Directors as Vice President of Project Production.

Mr. Goldberg has been serving on the Board since 2009 and has played an integral role to the growing success and stature of The Glenn Gould Prize.  His leadership, insights and understanding of the charitable and non-profit sector will continue to be invaluable resources.  

The Glenn Gould Foundation is also pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. John McKellar as Interim Treasurer and Mr. Peter Harder to the Board of Directors.  

The Glenn Gould Foundation also acknowledges the vital contributions of outgoing Directors and Officers Mr. Jim Gelcer, Mr. Berel Rodal, Mr. William Molson and Mr. John P.L. Roberts, now named Founding President.  Thank you for your dedication to preserving and expanding the Glenn Gould legacy.

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