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The Hunstein Variations

A Photographic Record of Glenn Gould (1957-1980)

by Don Hunstein

The Glenn Gould Foundation created a rare collection of 28 framed Glenn Gould photographs by master photographer Don Hunstein for the Glenn Gould International Conference in Toronto in September 1992, celebrating Gould’s 60th birthday year. Called The Hunstein Variations, the prints are a travelling exhibition that have been displayed in various cities and exhibitions.

Touring history

  • Cooper's Art Gallery, Toronto, August-September 2012
  • Glenn Gould International Conference, Roy Thompson Hall, September 23-30, 1992, Toronto (debut)
  • Gallery Stratford, June 1-October 31, 1999, Stratford
  • Canadian Embassy, February 17-March 10, 2005, Washington, D.C.
  • Sound of Genius, Canadian Museum of Civilization, September 28-August 10, 2007, Ottawa

Collection Development

don hunstein

Don Hunstein

In the spring of 1991, The Glenn Gould Foundation commissioned an independent curator from Toronto to submit a photo exhibition proposal. With collaboration from Mr. Hunstein and Sony Classical giving permission to use the photos, the collection was developed for the conference in September 1992.

The inspiration for the collection’s development (including its title, The Hunstein Variations) was an article appearing in the November 1986 issue of American Photographer by Laurence Shames, chronicling Gould and Hunstein’s relationship.

Mr. Hunstein selected his personal favourites for the exhibition from approximately summer 1991 to spring 1992, with consultation from The Glenn Gould Foundation. The prints were created in Toronto by BGM Colour Laboratories Limited.

Read more about Don Hunstein's collaboration with Glenn Gould in this exclusive 2011 interview by Dr. Penny Johnson.