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Oscar Peterson (1993)

Third Glenn Gould Prize Laureate



Photo by John Reeves

Oscar Peterson (born Montreal, Quebec, 1925; died Mississauga, Ontario, 2007) was one of the true giants of the international jazz world. In addition to his prodigious talents as a pianist, Peterson was also highly regarded as a teacher and composer. As a recording artist he performed with most of the jazz greats over the years including Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, and many others. His recordings with his award-winning trios also brought him international recognition. For his achievements Oscar Peterson was awarded numerous honourary degrees as well as the highest rank, Companion of the Order of Canada.

Listen to Oscar Peterson's acceptance speech from the Gala concert


Oscar Peterson selected Benny Green as the recipient of the City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize. Read more...

Third Glenn Gould Prize Jury

Dr. Irmgaard Bontinck (Austria)
Paul Griffiths (United Kingdom)
Ghyslaine Guertin (Canada)
Dr. Ladislav Mokry (Czechoslovakia)
Motoyuki Nakagawa (Japan)
Pauline Oliveros (USA)
John Peter Lee Roberts (Canada)
Allan Gotlieb, Chair of the Jury (Canada)

Third Glenn Gould Prize Gala

The Glenn Gould Prize Ceremonies to honour Oscar Peterson was held May 10, 1993 at the Glenn Gould Studio at the Canadian Brodcasting Centre, in Toronto, Canada. Oscar Peterson performed on a Bosendorfer piano form Remenyi House of Music in Toronto. A reception was held in the lobby of the Glenn Gould Studio following the performance. The program was broadcast live on both the English and French CBC/SRC STEREO networks.
The program for the evening:

Goldberg Aria Motif
Howard Cable, arr.
Originally commissioned by CBC/SRC for the official opening of
The Glenn Gould Studio. Performed tonight be a brass quintet from
the Salvation Army Canadian Staff Band

Entrance of the Governor General


Welcoming Remarks
Patrick Watson, O.C., Chairman
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio Canada

John Peter Lee Roberts, C.M. President
The Glenn Gould Foundation

Allan Gotlieb, C.C., Chairman
The Canadian Council

Tonight's program will be announced from the stage by Margaret Pacsu.

Presentation of
The City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protege Prize
to Benny Green
by Her Worship, Mayor June Rowlands

Presentation of
The Glenn Gould Prize
to Oscar Peterson
by His Excellency, Governor General Ramon John Hnatyshyn
by John Peter Lee Roberts, President
The Glenn Gould Foundation

Oscar Peterson, piano
Herb Ellis, guitar, Ray Brown, bass and Jeff Hamilton, drums
and featuring Benny Green, piano