By Penny Johnson, Contributing Author

(Penny Johnson pictured with Zenph founder, Dr. John Q. Walker at a recent re-performance® in Toronto following the announcement of The Ninth Glenn Gould Prize to Leonard Cohen).

A short while ago, I wrote an article about the tremendous advancements being made in the field of music technology by the North Carolina-based company, Zenph Sound Innovations. Up to that point however, my exposure to the Zenph historic re-performance® recordings of Glenn Gould, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Art Tatum, came by way of the compact discs which I located at the Toronto Public Library.

I had of course seen plenty of online video footage (this clip from Michael Lawrence’s film, Bach & Friends being a fine example) in which a Yamaha Disklavier Pro™ concert grand piano had been programmed to play back the performances of musical legends, nuance for nuance, and with a level of clarity and aural freshness never before achieved. (Joshua Bell’s live performance at Steinway Hall for Sony Masterworks, with the Zenph re-performance® of Rachmaninoff, featuring the second movement of the third violin sonata by Edvard Grieg, is another personal favourite – click here to view).

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